Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm Here

  • I am still sober
  • Just been busy with life
  • The spring lacrosse season is winding to a close
  • I am ready for things to slow down again
  • My fibromyalgia has been off the hook the last few weeks
  • Some days I just don't know how to deal with the pain but yet I do
  • I am sensitive to weather changes, I can predict rain better then any meteorologist
  • I have a new sponsor, she and I could not be more different but we seem to fit
  • Trevor has been getting in trouble in school and has been a real shit here at home at times
  • His teachers are suggesting testing for ADD or ADHD
  • How much is it just being a hormonal 13 year old boy?
  • I am looking forward to the end of the school year, I need a break from dragging kids out of the house by 7:15, homework, projects
  • Abby has lacrosse tournaments the first weekend of June in Ocean City, MD, I'm hoping for lots of sun and good times
  • I hope to one day get back into blogging again, I'm around, lurking in the background, just staying quiet for some reason

Saturday, May 2, 2009