Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fun Day

Today I had one of those moments where I see what being sober has given me.

My son turned 13 yesterday which means I now have two teenagers in my home. God help me! Anyway, Trevor had some friends come over today. So I have spent most of my day laughing and enjoying the rowdiness of several 13 year old boys.

Last year Trevor and Abby (whose birthday is on the 22nd) did not have big birthdays, I was newly sober and completely unable to deal with a bunch of kids.

This year I was a little apprehensive, mainly because it was raining and I did not want to stay cooped up in the house with a bunch of rowdy, buzzing out on sugar boys.

But the weather cooperated and we were able to go to a lacrosse game. We then went to Pizza Hut and fed 10 people with $50, I thought that was pretty darn good. And since we had some daylight left, we took them to the park where they played until the guy came to lock the gates at dark.

I enjoyed it. I was grateful.

Now I just need to get through Easter at my in-laws tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

It really is a blessing of sobriety to be able to deal with life...on life's terms.

It sounds like a great day. And doesn't saying "a year ago" sound great? One whole year of sobriety! Awesome :)

Steve E. said...

In-law Easter:

1. Just remember, keep cell phone and sponsor's number for ANY reason--ANY reason, but CALL. OK?

2. Remember there is always the bathroom in an emergency--go there and KNEEL--trust me on this--KNEEL to your heavenly Father, and ask help.

3. The old 'headache' trick, go away and lay down, nap, or anything!

4. You WILL make it through the day, and maybe even have some fun! It is "what we make up our minds to be, or do."

Good luck, hope you didn't mind the advice...which you already knew, anyway!

Shadow said...

13-years olds..... no comment. mine turned 13 in february...

Anonymous said...

Have a great Easter Tyra! LOL at the in-laws comment.

Findon said...

Two teenagers, boy that sounds painful. I remember it well. Glad you are having a good time.

clean and crazy said...

don't you just love steveroni!! It is awesome about your day and it is awesome what he posted, so very true. Yesterday I called my sponsor before everyone got here so I wouldn't be so apprehensive either!! Thank god for the fellowships!! What a wonderful way to be able to enjoy our families again!!Happy Easter.