Monday, April 6, 2009


Life seems to be getting in the way of my blogging. In a good way so I can't complain.

I am still basking in the glow from my AA anniversary. I was not expecting the amount of people who came. When I pulled up to the church I was shocked at the amount of cars. I was nervous in a BIG way. But I got through it.

Things have been good and I'm trying to enjoy it.

I'm working on really living in the moment, no projecting, no making mountains out of mole hills. I'm working on trusting God and that He will always take care of me and that His will is way better then my own. Easier said then done but I'm trying.

Spring is trying to make it's appearance. Buds are on the trees, we've had some warm sunny days and I'm liking it.

I'm completely off Lyrica now that my back is so much better due to physical therapy and exercise. I took my first class in the pool last week and loved it. When I'm done physical therapy I'm going to join the gym so I can continue with all I've learned.

Lacrosse season started over the weekend so now my calendar is full of lacrosse practices and games.

Today is the noon meeting that I co-chair and I'm still pondering a topic. Tonight my friend Lisa celebrates 2 years.

As you can tell, my life is pretty normal right now. No drama, thank you God! and I'm trying to just be and not anticipate when the next shoe will drop.

Life is just good.


Shadow said...

life IS good, i'm glad!

Steve E. said...

Good Topic: Sponsorship. Just think what a huge act of hunlity it was for me, a self-centered alkie, to ask someone to help me. I could not even realize I needed help. What help?

My game was...I was always RIGHT THERE to help when someone asked ME for help...but I'll be dammmmmed if I
the great ME! was gonna stoop so low as to admit I was finally what you people said: POWERLESS.

So, even if I do not WANT to be a sponsor when someone asks...I tell them, "Sure, I'll sponsor you temporarily, until you can find a permanent sponsor." That way I do not 'destroy' that spark of humility which enabled the guy to ASK!

Just thought I'd give you my blog topic for tomorrow...maybe you can use it this afternoon? Let me know if you do, and how it went!

Oh! If you chair a "Sponsor" meeting, it's always good if you have one. If you do not, then GET one before the meeting! -grin!

clean and crazy said...

what a beautiful post, full of serenity and gratitude. Keep up the great work. Happy belated birthday, sorry I forgot to stop by and say congrats, i have been busy with life as well. Very proud of you and your accomplishments.

molly said...

sounds good!

Anonymous said...

You sound great!

Findon said...

Normal is good. The everyday, isn't that what we yearned for.

Prayer Girl said...

When things go this well for me, I always say to myself, "put this goodness in my bank account so I can draw on it when things aren't quite as good".

Enjoy every moment of joy you find!


Queenneenee said...

you sound so good girl. I am very happy for you.

Pam said...

coming by to check on you. You sound awesome darlin'!