Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Catching Up Bullet Style

  • Trevor hurt his knee at lacrosse practice Friday night
  • We spent some time in the ER Saturday morning
  • He was put on crutches with explicit instructions to not do anything until he was seen by an orthopedic doctor
  • Trevor does not like to be still for long so it was a challenge
  • He got in to see the orthopedic doctor, he was sent for an MRI, that machine is loud, wow
  • He has a sprain of the lateral ligament or some such thing
  • He can play no sports until he's seen again by the doctor next Tuesday
  • No gym
  • No playing football during recess
  • No scrimmage game tomorrow night
  • No tournament games this weekend
  • He's only allowed to walk around
  • He's one bummed out boy
  • And I'm a little bummed too because I love watching him play
  • However, we have to look on the bright side, his ACL is fine and so are all the other major ligaments and such
  • On a totally different note, I will have 1 year next Tuesday
  • Nervous as hell about speaking so I try not to think about it


steveroni said...

Tyra...I'm marking that--TUESDAY! It was the longest year (hopefully) you'll ever live.

Just always, I have to remember--you, too!--We don't drink NMW (No Matter What!)

Pretty girl the other day (18 years sober) said, "Even if my arm falls off, if I lose a leg, I don't drink, no matter what!"

Queenneenee said...

I remember getting one year, It was the best feeling in the world. I am still amazed at how far I have come all due to good old AA. What a gift we have been given. I'll be back to congratulate you, don't wanna jinx it!

molly said...

i think MOST, if not all people get nervous to some degree when speaking to others. i've never wanted much attention on a GROUP level (can't say the same for one on one attention!) but it's something about group settings. so i identify with the feelings of speaking in front of others for what it's worth :)

congrats on almost one year! i'll look for the one year post next week :)

Shadow said...

wow, that magical first year... dare to be excited. dare to be proud. you may!

Findon said...

Well look at you. One next Tuesday. Now isn't that an example for all of us. Look forward to hearing about you speak.

Sarah said...

Wow, a year. That is great. Really really great, and ill say a prayer that your son doesnt go bat shit crazy.

clean and crazy said...

Wow the miracle year!! you are awesome!!! my baby may have torn a ligament herself and I need to call the doc to see if she can play soccer!! What a coincidence!!!

Prayer Girl said...

This is a pre-anniversary congratulations on one year.

Speaking at one year? I don't remember when I first spoke, but I still don't care for it much - 23 years later. I just have to 'turn it over' and ask God to give me the words. It always turns out O.K. Yours will too.

Love and Prayers,
Prayer Girl

Pam said...

ooo I'm sorry-bout the boy.
Yeah-You with ONE YEAR!