Thursday, December 18, 2008

Good Things

Getting a hug from my 15 year old daughter and a text saying she loves me.

The warm glow from the Christmas tree.

A sleepy bulldog.

Two meetings in one night.

Time spent with a friend.

Now it's your turn, tell me something good in your life.


Findon said...

1. My sobriety. I love it

2. My Beautiful Wife. The best that ever happened to me.

3. My friends. I never knew how much I was loved..

4. My Job. Safe for now.

5. The dog and the cat. Teaching me to love.

6. Bloggers. Letting me be in the world.

Shadow said...

- the bean's got a new girlfriend
- hubby and i put up some new and really amazing christmas decorations
- hot summer days
- i feel totally relaxed

Bunny said...

Welcome to blogger. I will make the change in my blog log.

Happy Holidays

Anybeth said...

Friday is a good thing in my life, and here it is today.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Being sober today
Reading amazing blogs
My friends
Even sorrow
Too much to list.


steveroni said...

1. Visiting a daughter, 150 miles away.

2. Having a visiting other daughter

3. Other daughter leaving.

steveroni said...

WAIT...WAIT!!! I didn't FINISH!

4. Other daughter returning Xmas Eve.

5. First daughter coming here Sunday.

6. Dinner with son Joe, his birthday #37--on Saturday.

7 It goes on and get the picture? LOVE it. Lots of meetings strewn in betwixt all that.

8. Didja know that the "X" in X-mas is the "X" which represents the Greek "Chi" letter for Christ?