Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy List

I know yesterday I did a gratitude list, today I decided to do a happy list. Maybe they are one in the same. I don't know. Either way it's all good, right?
-The honking of the geese flying overhead
-Puppy snores
-Peanut Chews
What are some things that make you happy?


Shadow said...

puppy snores... you did me in with that one. of course!!!!!!!

rcali4233 said...

my son laughing, being true to me, finding myself again, my friends, yes AA

Gabriella Moonlight said...

OH I love the snores of my three pugs indeed. Hugs from those I love, and a great morning cup of coffee. Great post..what fun.

Pam said...

1. flappy lip dogs..snoring.
2. everyone around me acting right ;)
3. God putting an extra measure of peace in my heart.

steveroni said...

Happy things for me:

1. Waking up.
2. Counting the fun stuff awaiting
3. Morning meetings
4. Playing violin
5. Playing at mass for 2,000 people and God, Who is within each one!
6. Watching Miami Dolphins today--Day OFF!
7. Days off--there aren't that many!
8. Reading paper outside, about snow storms, while I'm bare-foot.
9. Prayer Girl

♥Shann♥ said...

puppy snores crack me up! lol my min pin maxx is such a snorer... lol

lets see
.being around my peeps
.laughing with my peeps
.quiet house in the morning after everyone went to school and work
.Bay telling me how she is going to decorate her house when she grows up... hee hee

have a good day and thanks for brinking happiness into it!

clean and crazy said...

My Jillybean giggling; sharing honestly in a meeting; being with my family; my 2 year old coming in to share the bed with me and letting me cuddle her at night