Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday This & That

Well, it looks like I've been promoted in my service work for my Tuesday night women's meeting. I have been made the coffee and set up for the meeting since April. Starting the week after next I will be the new secretary. I was the secretary last night because the regular secretary was sick. I guess I did an ok job. I'm kind of nervous about it but in a way I'm looking forward to it.

I also just found out about a new intensive Big Book study on Monday nights that started on Monday. I plan on attending next Monday because I love the intensive study and I think it will help me secretary our women's Big Book study.

Tonight is the women's Step Meeting which has grown so much since I've been around. I found out last night about a new closed women's Step Meeting on Friday nights and I might try and attend that as well.

Basically I'm trying to broaden my horizons and get to some new meetings. I think that will help with this funk or whatever I've been in.

Today I am home with Trevor. I have a small list of things I would like to get done and then I'm going to spend some time on my 4th step work. I've been putting it off and it's time.

I feel at peace today, I know that God is guiding me and taking care of me. I just had to get out of His way.


Shadow said...

nothing like fresh ideas and new things to take you out of a funk. good going!

molly said...

step four felt very heavy to me. but it was TEMPORARY. i was told to ignore what my head was telling me during that time. hard to do but it is doable. it was a total transformational step for me. it's a chance to bring all this STUFF out into the light for healing. all these things in the past SCREAM to be heard.. i heard it put like this once.. you hear a baby crying in the other room and you go in and TURN ON THE LIGHT and wake the baby up. you hold it in your arms and soothe it. love it. that may not make sense until it does. but the analogy is that we have all these thoughts and beliefs about others and ourselves and they (the thoughts) scream until we question them THEN there is peace and understanding with them and our mind can be at rest. very hard to explain in an email. but what i've come to believe with step 4 (which is similar to byron katie's judge your neighbor work) - it truly is all boogie man type stuff. and she says 'forgiveness happens when we realize that what we THOUGHT happened, didn't. i found that to be very true and hope you find that as well. i'm going back to my step 4 work and running some of them through 'the work' .. supposedly the 3rd question on the 'judge your neighbor' worksheet is everything we owe an amends for and since i'm on step 8 and 9, it helps. it's just a different 'flavor' of the steps is all or at least it seems to me.

but just do your lousy best and move quickly! be thorough of course but quick. anything u miss will come out eventually so don't worry!

regarding meetings - yeah - i enjoy step study and speaker meetings over discussion meetings for some reason. nice to move out of the comfort zone a bit.

take good care :)

J-Online said...

congrats on your new position. It's great you are getting so involved.

mile191 said...

i am finding strength through reading so many of you, your experiences. thanks for sharing your steps with me.

Shadow said...

please come get some lemonade over here...