Friday, January 2, 2009


I've been isolating.

I just realized it today.

Tomorrow I will go to a meeting. I will talk with my friends.

I'm thankful that I can recognize what I'm doing and I have the tools to change if I need to.

Do you isolate?

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Deejai said...

all the time.

clean and crazy said...

I am isolating right now. i even went to a meeting tonight, thanks for sharing it makes me feel less alone.

Anonymous said...

Constantly! And then I catch myself constructing another self-imposed prison and have to get out and be with others who understand.

Recovery is about vigilance.

Hugs to you

Shadow said...

oh yes! i'm pretty much isolating myself right now. too much of the holidays, people, festivities. i need to find my inner peace. thus i will isolate for a bit.

steveroni said...

Well, as Louisey LA says, being lonely stinks, solitude rocks! (She does not use those very words.)

Yes, I was/sometimes AM "Mr Isolation Man"--so seldom any more, it might be several years between THAT sign of illness creeps into this 'petty place' of my mind.

Remember the one about , well, it's a quote: "Please come and hold my hand...while I isolate." -grin

rcali4233 said...

yes, isolating is a part of all of us. some get in this funk and never get out. i'm isolated from my wife because that is what she wants. it took me getting sober for her to leave, try to figure that out.

Pam said...

Ahh you are still feeling "willing". Sometimes that's just enough.

J-Online said...

I isolate all the time. I have to make myself get out of this house when I'm feeling sad, uneasy, whatever it may be. It's hard to get out of that rut, but I find if I just make myself get out and go to a meeting, or call someone, I feel better afterwards.

molly said...

i'm probably doing this for sure. Irish Friend has some good posts on it here: