Friday, January 9, 2009


Tonight I was trying to declutter my bedroom and I came across some things from the past. Pictures of when JR and I were about to be married, cards from each other, our marriage license, then it was pictures of the kids when they were very small.

As I sat there, looking at the boxes and envelopes full of pictures and such, I was struck with the reality of the life we have built together.


I guess I get so caught up in the daily grind, in the annoyances, hurt feelings, misunderstandings that I don't take the time to remember all the good, to see all that he and I have been through, side by side.

It was good for my heart.


steveroni said...

Called: Reflections! How wonderful, that human quality which allows us to backtrack our minds, and renew reality
which is our TRUTH.Tyra, you have found it, at least for today.

Steve E.

rcali4233 said...

What a nice time for you to remember all the good from your past. Life is always good when you stay in your happy place.

Sarah said...

Yay, memories! Aren't you happy to have saved all that?

Shadow said...

i'm glad you found all that again. together. it can be such a magical state to be in, place to be at.

Pam said...

I love it when I can look through old memories and come away with feelings instead of regrets.
Enjoy your weekend.

Cat said...

I am a softy for reflections on my life and the pieces of things I save in a little dusty box, hidden under my bed. It is wonderful for my soul.

molly said...

yuppers - happens we can get stuck on JUST the bad and not see the good when the truth is - it's always a big ole mix.. ALWAYS!

Fishstyx said...

I love those lost time capsules too!

Anonymous said...

Nicely said. Hold on to that reflection.