Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday Stuff

I'm totally stealing this way of blogging from Pam cuz I'm lazy like that:

  • It is darn cold out and I'm not liking it but then if it was darn hot out I wouldn't like that either.
  • I have been spending way too much time on Facebook but it's been neat to reconnect with some old classmates.
  • Abby is supposed to return to dance class tonight and she has no idea and I'm seriously considering not telling her so we can skip.
  • I know I'm a bad mom.
  • I want to know why gas prices have gone up 24 cents a gallon in the last week.
  • I am seriously regretting booking this Southern Living At Home party for this Sunday.
  • Mainly because I'm afraid no one will show up.
  • I'm feeling very caught in the middle of two groups of women in my AA fellowship-I'm friends with all of them but they are not friends with each other and at times that is a little awkward.
  • I have been finding myself not wanting to go to meetings sometimes because of it.
  • I took my friend Lisa to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore yesterday and didn't freak out once.
  • The city overwhelms me-too much traffic, too many people, too many tall buildings.
  • And God I am so afraid of taking a wrong turn and ending up on the streets you here about on the news-Baltimore's crime rate is way big.
  • However I am so grateful that we live close to some of the best hospitals in the country.

God bless y'all real good


Anonymous said...

Ditch the two cliques of women and be an outlier by yourself. That's what Gabriella Moonlight and I do. I swear sometimes it's like juniour high in some meetings.

steveroni said...

Kristin, thanks! I've been trying to deal with the same kind of situation...comes from the old "be friends with everyone" syndrome.

And thank YOU, tyra, for bringing it up!

J-Online said...

You are a wonderful mom! When I book parties like Southern Living I feel myself getting nervous a few days in advance. I used to feel obligated. Now I just say "NO." I'm sure it will go great! Don't fret!

clean and crazy said...

I agree with J, you are a great mom, and stop thinking those bad thought try finding some good ones.
I hate driving in city streets too one time in Seattle I was in the right hand lane and next thing i knew I was on a downtown street!! Who knew they had exits on both sides of the highway!!

Anybeth said...

facebook is it's own kind of addiction. I love it. so many people from HS and college coming out of the woodwork.

Anonymous said...

What Kristen said, and hang with the newcomers, go to different meetings. Those cliques are still there and I have still maintained friendships, just keep my distance. You are not a terrible Mom! Now cut that out!!!!

Pam said...

. It's easier to read bullets and easier to write...isn't it?
. I can't do facebook, for some reason it gets on my nerves :)
. Find AA women/groups that make you feel good!
. Be the woman who reaches out when a new comes in!